Pour les bons viveurs


Casa Frumoasa brings the experience of luxury as modus Vivendi one step further by inaugurating a spectacular restaurant in the fall of 2011 fittingly entitled Veranda Casa Frumoasa. As part of an intricate expansion project that reunites fashion with savoir vivre in an extensive ode to lifestyle, the eminent villa on Lascar Catargiu Boulevard has completed its portfolio of high-end fashion with the new conquest of culinary art, architecture and ambiance.

Envisioned, designed and followed through by Italian architect Elena Busato in the interior courtyard of the house, Veranda Casa Frumoasa replaces and further elaborates the preceding Champagne & Caviar Bar concept, launched in 2009.

In a classically elegant structure made of metal and glass, the new restaurant revives the greenhouses of the late 18th century, reinterpreted with a modern twist. Located in the heart of the city with a direct entrance at 5, Clopotarii Vechi Street or at 40, Lascar Catargiu Boulevard through the Casa Frumoasa store, the restaurant harmoniously completes the overall aristocratic mood of the villa. The lighting elements and pure white aspect punctuates the décor which is etched with references from nature. The innermost space is preordained for the Champagne Bar while the area loosely termed the living room is adorned with rich textures – all of which are gracefully placed on a marble mosaic floor, whose alternating shiny and matte tiles create a unique and precious effect.

Created by renowned chef Avi Steinitz, the international menu with French and Mediterranean influences is contoured with epic style and taste, in which every detail is carefully valued and filtered with creativity and sparkle that has become the master-chef’s gastronomical vision and signature. Chef Avi Steinitz has fashioned his culinary technique by combining a number of influences, from traditional Israeli cuisine to Polish or Persian inspirations. He has perfected his skills alongside masters like Marc Vera and in some of the most prestigious hotels like the Ritz Carlton, Kempinski or the Plaza in the heart of the United States. He has prepared dining experiences for President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and has reveled in their appreciation.